Monday, December 15, 2008

Talk about too long.. just getting back into the swing of blogging, I just wanted to note a couple of things that DON'T include Aighleann's and my obsession with glittery vampires and tap dancing high school basketball stars.

1. George Petty pinups

When Hunky Hunkerton and I get our cutey house, I really want to have a significant collection of vintage Pettys.. I love them because they are more flirty than Vargas girls--less in your face and more innocent. When I was in college, I found this piece for a boyfriend, which we made into a business card for his vintage business. I just loved it--that may have been what really started my fascination with vintage pinups.

2. Martha Gellhorn--I am going through a major lady crush right now about her--she was Ernest Hemingway's 2nd (?) wife and one of the first major female war correspondents during World War 2. I am hungry to learn everything about her... I CANNOT get enough.. she was tough, trailblazing, beautiful and a handful--plus, she lived in the Valley!

More soon!!!

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Kate said...

OMG you're back! Yay!