Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Okay so I know its been a long time--like waaaayyy too long--almost 2 weeks! I got super sick.. yech!..and am just pulling out of it right now. Anyway, lets get started, shall we?

30. Trix. Okay, numerous yummy sugary cereals, but Trix in particular have been having a major moment in my cereal bowl. Just look at those colors!!!

That inspired my look for today. Trix--in clothes! This dress, which is so beautiful and simple in the front, has this insane voluminous and pleated back. GORGEOUS! Can that be on my birthday advent calendar?

Alberta Ferretti at ShopStyle

31. Today feels like an Etsy day.. its just all this fabulous and amazing stuff just keeps popping up.. like this:

This chair is from a wonderful Esty store called One More Hound.. and, to make my dad happy, its all about creative ways to bring one more dog home without getting the carpet dirty!

Sorry, kids, more on the way soon, I am just hurting for inspiration right now. I am having a bit of an existential crisis right now.

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