Friday, August 01, 2008

26. It's August 1st!!!! So while the weather continues to get hotter and stickier, it also signals the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.. no, not Christmas--my birthday!!!! I am starting a new tradition. My birthday advent calendar!

Let the countdown begin..

So first, rather than just spouting off wonderful gifts, I first have to think what I would wear during all possible birthday scenarios. This would be for a lovely dinner steak dinner out with Captain Amazing where my pretty dress could possibly match the color of the beautiful something that fits into a very small little box... wink, wink.

26. Birthday decor is always very important and I love these felt garlands. Plus, they are environmentally responsible with a vintage feel!

27. Tonight I am watching PULP with Michael Caine--a highly stylized flick from the late 60's with enormous style. If I could just dive into these movies of subversive humor and double entendre, it would be like diving into a warm bucket of Star Trek tribbles--warm, a little weird, and of course, fabulous.

28. This summer, I am loving on Portland. I lived there for just about a year a while back and met some of the most wonderful people I know. I keep finding that my favorite blog features are from Portland or the Bay area, which are two of my most favorite places in the world.
Portland has changed so much--even from the time that I lived there--its amazing! Two of my favorite things, however, have stayed tried and true (except, in the case of one, much bigger!). I used to love to walk through the Northwest neighborhoods and one of my favorite buildings was the Trinity Episcopal Church on NW 19th. I am not religious, but that door may have made me wonder a bit... if God has taste like that...

Someone else who has great taste is Elizabeth Dye, the owner of the English Department (also in Northwest). Besides having beautiful and hard to find girly-girl frocks in stock, she also has her own line of dresses--one of which is a favorite of mine in the cooler months. She delicately walks the line between feminine and streamlined, so you never feel like you fell into a pile of tissues and can't get out.

29. As I previously mentioned, I have been a long-term JCrew customer. And VERY loyal. As in 17 years loyal--can you believe that? I am only 28 (for 24 more days)!!!!!! Anyway, their sales are amazing and these shoes that I have been obsessed with (hint, family and loved ones--OBSESSED WITH) for months are on sale!! Aren't they gorgeous? I have a weakness for metallic shoes.. even down to my silver Adidas kicks and these would just help round out the collection.

or these!!!!

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