Monday, July 28, 2008

23. I am working today--yippeee!!! Even though its a night shoot, its been fun so far and I think that I am going to be doing set, which, besides shopping, is one of my favorites. Sure, the hours can be punishing, but where else can you have yummy free food all of the time, hang out with people that you generally like and play pretend? Not in an office!
I conjured up this little look as my fantasy look for tonight. As some of you may know, its never a good idea to wear white pants on set, but I've bucked tradition a few times before. Closed toe shoes are a REQUIREMENT (no flip flops!) but you still want to be comfortable. Nothing makes me sadder than when I see someone in wardrobe who apparently doesn't care about how they look.

A great set bag is essential--I love the one I have now, but I will need a bigger one soon. Having all the pockets is super important, though, so in case you forget where you put everything--like me--then you can have clearly labeled pockets so you don't lose anything and the crew isn't waiting ON YOU to find your needle.
Kidrobot at ShopStyle

24. Anyone who has known me since, oh, say, the 7th grade understand that JCrew has long been the cornerstone of my wardrobe. From the very first bodysuit that I bought--wait, wait, side story time:
I remember sitting in Ms. E's--one of the days she remembered to actually draw on her eyebrows, I am sure--creative writing class (2nd period), probably zoning out to Kristin's presentation on why Jose Eber was her hero--no kidding, I swear--and daydreaming about my first purchase from JCrew. It was a white crewneck bodysuit, which, in my early days of fashion terminology, I thought meant catsuit. For the boys (Dad and Babeilicious--NOT related to Girlicious, kiddos!), the difference between catsuits and bodysuits is this: catsuits have legs, bodysuits are like a leotard and generally preferred by the cast of the original 90210. I do not know if Deb McG plans on using them in the new one. Cathy, sneak one into someone's line just for me... Anyway, I had visions of me gallivanting about in my white catsuit with merely a colorful scarf around my waist as a belt. Yup, 12 year old me. With my Alfalfa perm. And my braces with the matching colored rubber bands.

Bodysuit. Very 90210.
Catsuit. Very Kate fantasyland in 1992.

Anyway, back to JCrew. After that long introduction, I have to say that while I don't miss the end of the bodysuit trend, one of my other favorite items that I got from JCrew in the 90's (98-99, to be exact) is the over-the-knee sock. And... THEY'RE BACK! I don't really have a picture to do them justice, but I will find them and post them. FAB. I swear. My buddy Aighleann can attest to that.

25. I love food. Food food food. And you know what is a great site? These lovely young ladies from Portland started a blog called bread + honey and do they not only make really yummy food that satisfies all of my food whims (i.e., today, I'm vegan! Today, I only eat super rare steak!) they also take really pretty pictures. I am trying to figure it out so I can take pretty pictures too and really make my very special blarg even more special.

Doesn't this tart look beautiful? These girls are amazing. I keep trying to post their recipe but its giving my trouble, so just be sure to link over to their page by going to I'll figure all this stuff out soon enough!

Anyway, shorter post today because tomorrow is a special day! Just you wait!!! Suede says it will be a wonderful month of August.

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Megan Dub-Yuh said...

Polka Dots! That was very 90210 especially the short shirt in black and white polka dots. I so wanted one but being 13 years old mom thought it was too sexy looking. Whatever!