Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ernesto Esposito at ShopStyle
19. If I was Joan on Mad Men, this is what I would wear. But now that I am emerging from my Mad Men-induced coma, its time to come back to real life. BUT, if I were fabulous and had a vintage figure--oh wait, I AM, so I guess maybe if I just had an unlimited budget I would wear this technicolor masterpiece with the top tucked in and a bunch of sass. Yup, sass and maybe a little ass. Ha ha.

20. My love for all things Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan is pretty unabashed. For those of you that don't know who they are, they are a vortex of fabulousness. Captain Amazing furthered his future as my future husband by informing me last night that they are, indeed, a couple--I can't believe I didn't know that but yay for him knowing--he IS my perfect match!
They are a perfect match as well and have amazing taste.
Our future bedroom

Mr. Adler started as a potter and expanded his design to interior design.. good for us but NOT for our future bank account! Until then, I am going to survive with his new book Happy Chic. Which, by the way, closely echoes his partner's book name of Wacky Chicks. How cute...

I should have known that Mr. Doonan and I were kindred spirits back in the 4th grade. Yes, we both have a penchant for women's clothes, but it may have been the windows that made me appreciate him even more. When we had Career Day in elementary school, I decided to go to Macy's and do window dressing. While I don't think that he got to go to April Clegg's house after work and eat Jell-O, and I sure didn't get to do anything like he does, it was one of the foundations to my future.
The Barneys Warholiday window

21. Vintage shoes are amazing. I have this crazy belief that they are more comfortable than modern shoes. I don't just mean regular shoes but 1950's and 60's stilettos and so far, my favorites are mules with either a wooden bottom or the fantastic SPRING-O-LATOR foot pad. Because that's not going to break my ankle.
The thing I love about shoes from this time is that they are unabashedly tarty (but not in a slutty way)--but like Barbie. There is NO mistaking that you are a girl in shoes like that!
My current favorites are these amazing wedges on eBay right now. Love, love love love...

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