Friday, July 18, 2008

I took a break yesterday to work. Yipppeeee! Great times! I have to say, those bikers are a lot of fun to hang out with. Maybe I'll start my own biker gang, except that we'll wear perfectly tailored moto jackets and drive Vespas with matching helmets.
Vrooooooooommmmm. My Vespa gang. Anyone wanna join? Badass!

15. FIVE YEARS!!!!! So today is the fifth anniversary of the night that I, fueled by vodka and some sort of green Swedish liqour, plopped onto Cross' lap and promptly told him that I was going to make out with him (hmmm... I just realized that this may be the first time that my mom heard this story). Yippeeee!!! Hunky Hunkerton has been my best friend and partner and I can't believe that its already been 5 years. I won the People Lottery! The song "Five Years" by David Bowie keeps popping into my head even though it is extremely depressing, so its actually the Seu George version where the only English he knows is to repeat the phrase "Five years" over and over and over again.... ooh and to add to my new Vespa gang, here's ANOTHER use for my pretend future mode of transport:

Look, honey! No hands!

But until then, I'll just pretend I can afford Vivienne Westwood--cost is about the same as Vespa--and fab shoes for a pretend dinner!

Vivienne Westwood at ShopStyle

16. Its not a "lately" thing, but I just have to profess my love for The Sartorialist.
My future. A kiddo and Viktor and Rolf show. Just give me some ice cream and its a perfect day!

Scott Schulman is an enormously talented photographer and he takes such beautifully natural shots of people in their element--on the street. People are so amazing and personal style--"street style" is, for me, so much more interesting than how it is interpreted on the runways. Every day, you are seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people and it comes down to how you want to present yourself. I love it--there are few things that make me happier.
Style can be so effortless--or at least seem that way--when seen on the street. I love the women's features, but I have to say that I get such a thrill though the men's shots. Menswear is traditionally seen as plain and boring--they even made jokes about it in the 1910's, when cartoonist poked fun at the then still somewhat non-traditional (but seen as boring) tuxedo versus women's merengue-ish multi layered cupcake dresses.
However, I love menswear. It takes a lot of bravado to be able to skillfully pull off a look like Thom Browne's (however, it becomes more approachable when you realize that his proportions are actually echoing 30's cuts and the shorter pants were regularly worn by the Gene Kelley off screen. Well, maybe it doesn't. But it should).

What is more appealing? Baseball caps and beer t-shirts or this?

I love a more formal look for men and women and especially since I have returned to LA, but aesthetic has become more formal (funny considering that I am in a place where people consider wearing super short cutoffs and ugly flannel shirts is the height of fashion--Olsen twins, anyone? Bleh!). Anyway, I LOVE this guy:

And, apparently, someone else seems to love his style as well.

17. I don't know why it took me soooooooooo long but I just jumped on the Mad Men train and it is now going full steam ahead. And, in the front car, is my girl crush on fellow Idahonian Christina Hendricks.

The extent of my crush, pretty much, is just that I want to dress her--incredible! The clothing is incredible and the attention to detail is amazing. One noticeable gaffe, however, is in the pilot, Don Draper gets out of bed in his boxers and--GASP--they have an elastic waistband! SHOCKER!!!!! Elastic waistbands were not actually patented until 1972!!!

18. I love Sweetie. This book came out about 8 years ago (and I'm afraid that the inspiration behind it may have joined the great runway in the sky) but Sweetie, her back fat and love for all sorts of meat--and fashion make her even more fabulous! Plus, she's a mutt! Plus, did anyone notice how my favorite Sartorialist guy looks a lot like Sweetie's dad, John Bartlett?

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