Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5. It just feels like a nice day for pants.

525 America at ShopStyle

6. Last night, when my sister first read of my blogging breakthrough, she emailed me immediately:

Beckie: Tropical Barbie nudist camps?
Me: Cannibal Barbie doesn't play well in a pink blarg. (Yes, I know I called it a blarg.)
B: Barbie horror flicks is better. Remember the disembodied hand floating in the pool?
M: NOT PINK BLOG MATERIAL. Its about PRETTY things like nudie Barbies frolicking amongst the lilacs, not disembodied hands.

She then sweetly reminded me about how I should also write about how she created a full on Barbie-sized sarcophagus for my favorite 1950's Barbie and then buried her below the lilac tree. At least I got directions on how to dig her out. Barbie had many, many lives--and a few horror movies made--while we were growing up and I definitely have to say she taught me to never take things too seriously, even if they are pretty.

I don't think this Barbie diorama fits her taste (its not bloody, there is not a BBQ spit in the background) but I love that someone seriously took the time to build a Jonathan Adler inspired Barbie room. Could I be that mom? I'd try and then end up gluing the lamp to my head or something.

7. Now that I have a little free time, I am getting to revisit some of my favorite books. Have any of you ever read The Group by Mary McCarthy? It is such a wonderful book and gives a unique insight into women's lives during the 30's... I also love fantasizing about everything they wore.

8. Etsy.com has become one of my very favorite sites to check out.. all the time. In my on-going obsession for my not yet scheduled (or even engaged) wedding (another story completely and one of the many reasons why my extremely patient dreamboat boyfriend is so wonderful), I have found the fabrics I like, headpieces, rings as well as every day clothing, furniture, and gifts for lovely friends. This piece is designed from rose labiche, which is a sweet line of tees and casual tops from San Francisco. I usually feel weird in t-shirts--I have like 4 that I wear but overall I don't like them. But these--I can do!

9. My bestie, Kate ("The Other Kate") is superwoman and her latest feat is making yummy ice cream. Even though we've been apart for a couple months, the taste of her cinnamon ice cream is still fresh in my mind. I've never been one to turn down ice cream and last week, I bought the old school "Scoopy" colored ice cream cones and have been scooping cones of blueberry lavender sorbet every night. No kidding, you can get it at Target for $1.99.

10. I first saw these necklaces at Seaplane in Portland and you can find at at Refinery 29 (www.refinery29.com). They have a sweet, pretty appearance but then they can be etched to say things that are, well, not. I don't necessarily like to have dirty words on my jewelry but the one that says "Wonder Buns" makes me giggle every time I see it.

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