Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tomorrow we are going to get our pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Yup--Easter dresses and all! If I had a closet stocked with fabulous dresses and wonderful frothy things, I think I would wear this:
Tibi at ShopStyle
Hopefully the weather will match my happy mood!

When I was in high school my good friend Tiffani and I went on a class trip to Spain. It was so wonderful and even though my parents may beg to differ with the things I learned while I was there (drinking, smoking, swearing in Spanish) it has stuck with me ever since. Hopefully next year Hunky and I will be able to explore the it again (without sharing a room with my Spanish teacher).

Before I left my mom, who is a rather serious amateur photographer, bought me a ton of film and told me very seriously that the film was to be used for photos of the architecture and art, not silly snapshots. I took her VERY seriously but I think I would have made her proud of I had come back with such a lovely photo.

You know, I really love Stockard Channing. Of course she plays one of my favorite characters of all time (how amazing is Rizzo? So much better than lame ol' Sandy). Also she was in Six Degrees of Separation, which has been overshadowed by Will Smith's other notable work (Fresh Prince, of course). She just seems like a classy broad. And I mean that in a very positive way--smart, funny, and fabulous!

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